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Free Redbox

Ok.  This isn't exactly real estate involved, but...who doesn't like free?  In this case, free movies!  If you use the link in this blog, you can go online and browse through the current Redbox movies.  Pick the one you want, and check for it in your nearest kiosk.  Reserve the movie online, and you won't have to run up to the kiosk only to find the movie you wanted is out of stock.  It's a real time saver.  I know your time is valuable, as is mine, so do it!


It's usually hard for me to come up with something blog worthy even though I am a talker in real life.  Occasionally though, something strikes me or is important enough, that I feel I should write about it.  This week I listed a home for a gentleman who was referred to me by a couple whose investment property I sold recently.  I also got a listing under contract for a couple who was referred to me by their daughter who I helped get into a rental last year.  That's huge!  Two pieces of referral business in 1 week! 
Referrals are KEY in a business like real estate.  With so many REALTORS and offices, the competition is intense.  With so many choices, how do you know who you can trust to help you find your new home or sell your current home?  Shopping for real estate is not like running into a department store to buy a bracelet or something.  If you want to know which dentist you can trust your smile to, you would ask a friend, co-worker or family member who they trust.  Considering that buying a home is the largest purchase most people make in their lifetimes and that buying and selling real estate is one of the most important steps to creating wealth, you will want to use someone that you can trust.  Thus, you need to get a referral from someone who's like you, someone you trust.  

The popularity of the internet in real estate shopping depersonalizes the process somewhat.  The internet is a super tool for finding information and pre-shopping, but with the ability for REALTORS to send emails to you or pop up on your screen on many real estate sites, you do take a risk by clicking on random faces to help you.  Use the internet to get started or look at properties and areas of interest, but get a referral for a REALTOR to use to find the perfect home for you in the area you want, for the price you want to pay, and the terms that are comfortable for you.  

I chose to build my business on referrals from my friends, past clients and family.  I do not want to trust my business and future to the possibility of getting phone leads and walk-ins at the office.  Don't get me wrong, I meet many wonderful people and clients that way, and I'll continue to use my office for a source of leads and eventual sales, but the foundation of a successful career in real estate is a deep constant referral system.  

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are a friend, past client or relative of mine.  I appreciate you and your business, and I hope you would do me the great honor of sending me people like you to work with.  The home buying/selling process might be the most important process in a person's life.  There's nothing better than sharing this journey with people that have been sent to me by people I've helped before.  

I am never too busy for any of your referrals!  

Temporary Blog

This is a temporary blog.  It's temporary because I had another blog entry all written up and whilst attaching the picture, I somehow deleted the very entertaining entry I was preparing.  So, until I get over the devastating loss, I'm posting this entry.  Maybe this is cathartic for me.  A sort of therapy.  When you pour your heart into something and it's lost that quickly, it hurts.  Just know that I am not a quitter.  I'll work hard for you, just as I'm going to do when I regroup for my next blog entry.  
Meanwhile, if you have a house or land that you want to sell or perhaps you're ready to take advantage of "0" down programs and low interest rates, just call or email me.  I'm obviously available as I won't be writing a blog entry until next week...


So, it's been longer between blog entries than I'd hoped.  One of the reasons I have never attempted writing a blog is that I fear I don't have anything anyone wants to hear.  Or...I'll ramble on because I believe there is something everyone needs to hear.  Actually, I swore I'd only blog about positive subjects.  I don't want to dwell on the negative, and I sure like the idea of being the voice of happiness and offering thought-provoking ideas and opinions with an uplifting tilt.  

Here's a newsflash...I trust people.  I believe they are honest and good, loyal and true, acting in good faith.  I assume that everyone is going to do the right thing.  And, luckily, I'm right.  Most of the time.  But when I'm wrong, it surprises and even sometimes hurts.  I am human after all.  Salespeople do have souls.  To protect my soul, I'm going to have to do a few things to prevent people from unknowingly or knowingly proving me wrong to believe in them.  I'll start here. 

Today, I find that despite my promise to keep my blog totally positive, I really NEED my potential readers to hear a message that will shed some light on what REALTORS like me expect.  Loyalty.  

Webster defines loyal as, "faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due."  Loyalty in the real estate business would be to choose a REALTOR who treats you with respect and is honest and diligent in helping with your pursuits, then sticking with that REALTOR long past the point when the, "job is done."  We work hard for you.  Many times we work long hours and are on call much as a doctor.  We work nights, weekends, holidays.  We do not get paid by the hour or salary.  We get paid only after a closing.  Because we are working faithfully for you, we would like those we serve to be loyal.  

As a buyer, this means you don't call every number on every sign in front of every property you like as you drive by.  You allow one salesperson, whose livelihood is earned solely by helping buyers and sellers CLOSE on homes, to search out properties for you, show properties to you AND negotiate the offer for you.  

Next, as a seller, you enlist the help of a REALTOR to put your home on the market and give that REALTOR time and support needed to sell the home.  All of the nuances of that relationship are a topic for a later time.  Just don't blame your listing agent should you not listen to his/her advice or if the home doesn't sell right away.

Also, if you call the listing agent to show you a property, please be aware that the listing agent will assume that you do NOT have a buyer's rep and that if you want to buy that property, you'll be allowing the listing agent to write and present the offer.  Even if the agent trusts that you wouldn't have called if you had your own agent, you need to use your own buyer's agent from the get-go or be upfront with the listing agent if you have one or intend to use one.  And please, please do not let the listing agent show you the property, send you information and discuss the home with you in detail, then let some family member or friend jump in at the last minute and present the offer.  That is very bad form.

Now, to end with a positive note so I'm not totally blowing my resolve...it's a pleasure meeting people and helping achieve their dreams.  I don't just sell homes, I build relationships.  I am building a referral based business, and I need you.  I love what I do, and I will most likely find myself in the position of being surprised or hurt because I refuse to assume the worst about people.  I do trust that people will do the right thing for the right reasons, most of the time.  If you believe in honesty, loyalty, and the goodness in us all, I'm the REALTOR for you.  


Luke's Wish Toy Drive

This is my first blog entry...EVER!  I know.  Hard to believe I haven't fully entered the 21st century before today.  Today, though, I have a subject that is near and dear to my heart, and I decided that I'd let that be my first blog entry.  
I am participating in the 3rd Annual Luke's Wish Toy Drive.   It would take a lot of rambling for me to fully explain who Luke is and why I am involved.  I refuse to bore any of my friends with my verbosity.  To that end, please watch this KABB news piece. I believe you will be inspired.  Just as I was.

I'll leave you with this nugget:  hug your kids tight.  Keep them close to you.  Show them you love them every chance you get.  And if you want to help, please bring a new, unwrapped gift for a child 0-18, $20 or less to my office.  THANK YOU!

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