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Credit Repair

The Credit Repairmen | San Antonio, TX Credit Repair | Fix Bad Credit


Longing to buy a home?  Ready to stop paying rent and earn your own equity?  Have a good job and make plenty of money?  You might be closer than you think!  I'm proud to announce that The Credit Repairmen are members of my real estate team.  If you need a little credit repair or if you require a lot of work, call The Credit Repairmen.  They are a San Antonio, TX company.  They only promise what they know they can do to fix bad credit.  You only pay for what they actually do to repair your credit.  If you do what they tell you to and trust them to do their job, we can have you in a house in no time!  Maybe some other REALTOR told you no.  Let's turn that NO into a GO!  

Your first step?  Call or email ME!  I'll go over the buying process and get the ball rolling.  I will connect you with The Credit Repairmen, and you'll be off and running.  When you are ready to buy or pretty close to it, they will let me know, and we'll start looking at homes!  It's really that easy.  If you call them, make sure you tell them I sent you!  CORRECT NUMBER 210-520-0444