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A home warranty plan is basically a type of appliance and home system insurance. When appliances or systems breakdown, the insurance (home warranty) company repairs or replaces the equipment.  When you buy a home warranty, you are buying peace of mind.  In a pre-owned home, you really don't know the condition of the appliances or systems other than what your basic home inspecion tells you.  It's nice to know that if a major appliance or system needs repair or replacement, you can call on the warranty company.  If you need a repair service, you will call the warranty company, and they'll send a repair person to you.  Like visiting the doctor or filing an insurance claim, you'll pay a flat deductible for a service person to come to work on the problem. 

As a home seller, home warranty protection is a good incentive for potential buyers. If a homeowner is willing to pay for a home warranty, they would also seem to care about their property and; therefore, have taken better care of it.  Your home might actually sell faster by providing a home service contract for your buyer, as well.  There is coverage for your home while it's listed, too.  That makes swallowing an unexpected problem with the covered item a little easier, especially since you are trying to sell! 

As a home buyer, you can have that peace of mind that the sellers took care of the home you want to buy.  And, if they are providing a home warranty, you can rest easy knowing that if something was missed on an inspection or an unforeseen problem arises, you will not have to shell out the money to repair or replace something you just bought!

There are many more companies than I have here, but to get started, here are a few to look at.  I do not guarantee or warranty the performance of any of these companies, nor do I benefit financially from putting them on my website.  They are here for your information only and to allow you to do your research easily.  I suggest you compare apples to apples when looking at the choices.  Look at policy premium, service call fees, what they do or DO NOT cover, and what optional coverages they offer.